AWHONN 2020 Convention Post-Con Q&A Sessions

Even though the 2020 AWHONN Convention has come to an end, the learning continues. Join us for one of  four live Q&A sessions on the dates listed below and earn up to 1.0 nursing contact hour per session. The featured presenters  provided content for the previously recorded  on-demand program and will be available during these sessions. Participants can log on using the zoom links at the day and time of each session below.

Registration is required to attend. Please click on the links below to register for a post-convention interactive Q and A session.

November 9, 2020 from 3:30 – 4:30 pm ET 

Obstetrics – Moderator – Susan Hale

  • OD8 Engaging OPS Simulation Solutions to Meet Joint Commission and PPH Bundle Requirements (LaShea Wattie, Acquenette Jackson)
  • OD37 A Multidisciplinary Evidence-Based Practice Initiative: Outpatient Cervical Ripening (Susan Hale, Heather Lortz)

Obstetrics – Moderator – Jean Salera-Vieira

  • OD17 Implementing Teambirth to Promote Effective Communication, Safety, and Dignity in Childbirth (Neel Shah, Amber Weiseth, Avery Plough)
  • OD25 Mission Critical! Let’s All “Provide” a Vaginal Birth Culture: AWHONN Nurses Leading a Statewide Initiative and Decreasing Cesarean Birth Rates (Nancy Travis, Carol Lawrence, Margie Mueller Boyer)

November 16, 2020 from 12:30 – 1:30 pm ET 

Obstetrics – Moderator – Jennie Ragan

  • OD38 Beyond Bricks and Mortar: Prenatal Clinics Collaborate with Drug Treatment Programs to Improve Maternal Child Outcomes (Doreen Picagli)
  • OD30 The Influence of Maternal Obesity on Microbial Function and Impaired Glucose Tolerance During Pregnancy (Caitlin Dreisbach)

Neonatal – Moderator – Susan Hale

  • OD3 Feeding in the Late Preterm Infant (Chelsea Griggs)
  • OD32 To Supplement or Not to Supplement? That is the Question (Jennifer Peterman, Marianne Bittle)

Women’s Health – Moderator – Cathy Hill

  • OD1 Managing Menopause for the Breast Cancer Survivor (James Woods)
  • OD5 Can a Competent Nurse Have Mental Illness? YES! (Katharine Donaldson)
  • OD31 The Social-Ecological Model As a Framework for Scoping Reviews of Active Duty U.S. Military (Candy Wilson, Lori Trego)

Professional Issues – Moderator – Jean Salera-Vieira

  • OD36 You Don’t Get a Vote. How to Provide Neutral Compassionate Care in Our Complex Social Environment (Dixie Weber, Rebecca Vahle)
  • OD6 Challenging the Status Quo – Innovating the Future of Nurse Productivity and Benchmarking (Heidi Morin)

December 7, 2020 from 3:30 – 4:30 pm ET 

Obstetrics – Moderator – Susan Hale

  • OD19 Improving Maternal Morbidity and Mortality Outcomes in the Fourth Trimester (Trish Suplee)
  • OD39 A Perinatal Quality Collaborative’s QI Strategy Toward Achieving Health Equity (Lauren Nunally, Kaprice Welsh)

Neonatal and Women’s Health – Moderator – Jennie Ragan

  • OD26 Paying it Forward: Expert Witnesses on the Biggest Blind Spots in Perinatal Nursing (Jennifer Atkisson, Darla Maier)
  • OD9 Engaging Postpartum Women: Implementation of a Remote Monitoring Protocol for Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy (Maribeth McLaughlin, Beth Quinn)

Obstetrics – Moderator – Jan Foecke

  • OD20 Ketamine to the Rescue: An Innovative Approach to Treating Post Cesarean Section Pain in Opioid Dependent Patients (Elizabeth Snow)
  • OD10 Enhanced Recovery for Cesarean Delivery (ERAC) and Reducing Opioid Use (Susan Utterback)

December 14, 2020 from 12:30 – 1:30 pm ET 

Obstetrics – Moderator – Jean Salera-Vieira

  • OD24 Meds, and Momma, and Babies, Oh My! EBG’s for Intrapartum Care, Whether You’re in Kansas or Anywhere (Cheryl Parker, Nicole McCaughin)
  • OD11 Ethical Obstetrics: Balancing Life and Death (Cheryl Larry-Osman)

Obstetrics – Moderator – Susan Hale

  • OD21 Lassoing Postpartum Hemorrhage: Texas AIM Collaborative Bundle Implementation (Kendra Folh, Patricia Heale)
  • OD34 When Uncomplicated Childbrith Causes Permanent Nerve Damage: Case Study with Patient and Provider Implications (Jennifer Webb, Martha Sleutel)

Women’s Health – Moderator – Jan Foecke

  • OD29 Nursing Care of Vulnerable Populations: Survivors of Sexual Assault and Human Trafficking (Patricia Klassa)
  • OD14 Ghosts in the Birth Room: Understanding Trauma – Informed Care (Justine Leach)
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