2023 Convention Recordings

Access free recordings from the 2023 AWHONN Convention and get a sneak peek into the education you can expect to receive during the 2024 AWHONN Convention.

R u ok? Evidence-Based Brief Tactics to Enhance Health & Wellbeing
This presentation will describe the state of health and well-being of nurses/clinicians. Evidence-based interventions to boost resiliency and well-being will be highlighted, including strategies to build and sustain wellness cultures.

Neonatal Case Review: Merging the Art and Science of Resuscitation
The period after birth is critical for the resuscitation team, involving quick evaluation and decision making. This stressful situation can cloud a team’s ability to think critically. The case scenario in this session will put the audience directly into the stressful resuscitation room. At each decision point we will discuss the rationalization, providing the learner with a better understanding of the reasoning and quicker recall in future events.

Evaluating Birth-Related Trauma: Impact, Considerations & Interventions
This presentation will illuminate the various types of birthing trauma and the long-term effects such experiences have on all parties involved. It will offer nurses real-world interventions that can be used to decrease the likelihood of traumatic experiences at all stages of the birthing process.

A Quest for Excellence: Your Journey, Your Voice, Your Practice
How a 19-hospital, rural and urban based health system has improved nurse retention, increased job satisfaction by 6 points through targeted strategies identified by frontline nurses. Our multi-tiered shared governance program provides all nurses a voice in the decisions impacting nursing practice, processes, and patient care. This presentation will describe the structures supporting enterprise-wide engagement, inclusion, and leadership throughout our 19-hospital system. We will showcase program and committee structure, communication and decision-making processes, and staff and patient outcomes.

Access recordings from the 2023 AWHONN Convention and get a sneak peek into the education you can expect to receive during the 2024 AWHONN Convention. The recordings listed below are available for a fee.

Advocating for Patients When Depression Complicates Preeclampsia
$25 member | $35 e-member | $50.00 nonmember
This presentation focuses on utilizing interprofessional collaboration to identify the psychosocial aspects of preeclampsia and to advocate for appropriate mental health assessment and intervention for affected individuals, their infants, and families.

When Triage Fails: Lessons Learned from an Emtala Violation
$25 member | $35 e-member | $50.00 nonmember
When unusual circumstances triggered an EMTALA violation, the fallout threatened participation in Medicaid. Navigating the subsequent CMS audit was a series of complex lessons on aligning policy and practice with competing authorities. You are invited to learn from the mistakes and triumphs to safeguard your patients, your organization, and your own nursing license.

Family Centered Neonatal Abstinence Care Using Eat, Sleep, Console
$25 member | $35 e-member | $50.00 nonmember
This presentation will review the literature, process, and outcomes of implementing a family-centered program to improve the care of infants with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS). This includes the utilization of Eat, Sleep, Console (ESC) as the assessment scoring tool and how to maximize non-pharmacologic interventions to reduce the need for postnatal opioids to treat NAS and to decrease the length of stay.

Medication Considerations in Maternal Mental Health
$25 member | $35 e-member | $50.00 nonmember
Mental health problems are a leading cause of maternal morbidity and mortality. This session will review the numerous factors affecting maternal mental health and summarize the current medication treatment options. The session will then discuss holistic approaches to supporting maternal mental health and emphasize how nurses are ideally positioned to champion these patient-centered efforts.

Working with OB Anesthesia: Updates and Hot Topics
$25 member | $35 e-member | $50.00 nonmember
Interdisciplinary cooperation and understanding is of the utmost importance on labor & delivery. This course will simplify the evidence-based practices that surround hotly debated topics on L&D, from the perspective of your anesthesia team. We will explore the evidence around fluid pre-loading for neuraxial procedures, post-neuraxial fetal resuscitation, teach you how to assess breakthrough labor pain, as well as assess a postpartum headache.

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